FELASA accredited courses

Courses accredited by FELASA under the 'Functions' system'.

Following EU-Directive 2010/63/EU and the Working document on the development of a common education and training framework to fulfill the requirements under the Directive (Brussels, 19-20 February 2014), FELASA is accrediting courses using the 'Functions' system', which replaces the 'Categories' system'.

Courses that have been accredited under the 'Functions' system' are:

Country EU Functions +Modules Species Institution Course Organizer SA ID
Denmark Designated Vet -- -- Univ Copenhagen A. Hansen F054/15
Denmark A,B,D   M, R Univ Copenhagen K. Abelson  F032/10
Finland A, B, C, D -- M, R Univ Helsinki N. Kemppinen F025/08
Finland A,B,D -- M, R Univ of Eastern Finland K. Õkva F029/10
France A, B, C, D -- M, R Toulouse Vet School M. Kolf-Clauw F11/05
France                  A,B,C, D   M,R Univ Montpelier D Arnaud F063/18
Germany A, D 10, 20, 22 M, R, Rb, D, C Univ Dusseldorf M. Sager F048/16
Germany A,C,D 20,21,22,23 M,R  DKFZ Heidelberg J. Schenkel F033/11
Germany B --   Deutsches Primatenzentrum V. Stephan F057/17
Germany A,C,D -- ZF, F ZMC Institute J. Weiss F059/17
Germany A     Univ Mainz K  Reifenberg F031/10
Germany                                      LAS Specialist       -- -- Univ Aachen R. Tolba F050/18
Greece A, B, C, D -- M, R, Z Univ of Crete M. Pavlidis F051/15
Greece A, B, C, D -- M, R Univ. of Athens I. Dontas F056/16
India A, B, C, D -- M, R, F Tanuvas Univ S. Ramesh F052/15
Italy A, C, D 10, 20, 21, 22 M, R Fondazione Santa-Lucia Rome C Riviello F023/09
Italy                                            A, C, D     Assoc for Cephalopod Research, Naples Graziano Fiorito F062/18
Spain A, B, C, D -- Choice of species Univ Autonoma de Barcelona P. Vergara F002/03
Spain LAS specialist -- -- Univ Autonoma de Barcelona P. Vergara F004/03
Spain                                    Designated Vet 9,20,21,22,23 M, R , ZF Univ Autonoma de Barcelona P Vergara F064/18
Sweden A, B, C, D 20 M, R Univ of Uppsala M. Le Greves F026/09
Sweden   7,9,10,11   Karolinska Institute R. Frias F055/17
Switzerland A, C, D 10, 20, 21 M, R Univ of Zurich P. Bugnon  F027/08 
The Netherlands   B 3.2 M, R    Radboud Univ. M. Leenaars F058/17
UK  A, C, D  -- Choice Univ of Oxford M. Berdoy F030/10
UK   10   FRAME M. Hudson F060/17


C: Cat
D: Dog
F: Fish
M: Mouse
R: Rat
Rb: Rabbit
Z: Zebrafish


Courses accredited under the FELASA 'Categories system'.

Course Code Country City Institution Course organiser Course language Accreditation course number
A0 Spain Barcelona Harlan RCC J. Zapatero/ A. Arano Spanish

Valid to: 31/12/13

A Spain Barcelona Harlan RCC J. Zapatero/ A. Arano Spanish

Valid to:

B Croatia Zagreb Fidelta d.o.o. D. Markovic English 046/14
B Italy Rome Fondazione Santa-Lucia C Riviello Italian     023/09*
Valid to: 26/8/16
B Germany Aachen Institute for Laboratory Animal Science     R.H. Tolba German 044/13


Germany Heidelberg DKFZ J. Schenkel German/ English

Valid to 06/06/17

B Germany Mainz Univ. Mainz K. Reifenberg German 031/10
Valid to: 12/10/17
B Spain Barcelona Charles River CRL T. De La Cueva English

Valid to:

B Spain Barcelona Harlan RCC J. Zapatero/ A. Arano Spanish 018/06
valid to 31/12/15
B Spain Madrid CSIC M. Moreno Spanish 003/03
Valid to: 29/2/16
B Switzerland Lausanne RESAL Univ. Hospital CHUV I. Desbaillets English 038/12
B Switzerland Zurich Inst. Lab. Animal Science,
Univ. of Zurich
P. Bugnon German/ English 027/08*
Valid to: 28/1/16
B United Kingdom  Oxford Oxford Univ. Veterinary Services M. Berdoy English 030/10
Valid: 26/8/16
C Belgium Antwerp University of Antwerp C. Van Ginneken English 037/13
C Croatia Zagreb Fidelta d.o.o. D. Markovic English 047/14
C Denmark Copenhagen Univ. Copenhagen A.K. Hansen Danish/ English

Valid to:
31/12/2014. 2015 merged into 032/10

C Denmark


Univ. Copenhagen K. Abelson  English 032/10
Valid: 24/10/17
C Finland Helsinki Laboratory Animal Center, Univ. Helsinki T. Nevalainen English 025/08
valid to 31/12/14
C Finland Kuopio Univ. of Eastern Finland S. Mering English 029/10
Valid to: 20/7/17
C France Lyon Univ. Lyon A. Morales French 013/06
Valid to: 14/9/16
C France Toulouse Veterinary School M. Kolf-Clauw French 011/05
Valid to: 26/8/16
C Germany Frankfurt Sanofi/ Aventis G. Itter German/ English 028/10
Valid to:
C Hungary Szeged Univ. Szeged M. Boros Hungarian 035/14
C Italy Rome EMBL Maria Kamber English 043/13
C The Netherlands Leiden LUMC F. Meijers Dutch/ English 042/13
C Portugal Porto IBMC A. Olsson English/ Portuguese 020/08
C Spain Barcelona Univ. Autonoma de Barcelone P. Vergara Spanish 002/03*
Valid to: 30/1/16
C Spain Madrid Centro National de Investigaciones Oncogicas I. Blanco Gutierrez English 034/11
Valid to: 1/4/16
C Sweden Stockholm Karolinska Inst. D. Gigliotti English 015/06
Valid to: 6/6/16
C Sweden Uppsala Univ. of Uppsala M. Le Grevès Swedish/ English 026/09*
Valid to: 30/1/16
D Denmark  Copenhagen  Univ. Copenhagen  A.K. Hansen English  007/03
Valid to:
D Spain Barcelona Univ. Autonoma de Barcelone P. Vergara Spanish  004/03*
Valid to: 30/1/16

* from 2015 - Functions - see table above