2000 EUROS ICLAS SPONSORSHIP for Laboratory Animal Education and Training in Europe

Posted on: 08-03-2019

ICLAS, in collaboration with FELASA, is pleased to announce: 2000 EUROS ICLAS SPONSORSHIP for Laboratory Animal Education and Training in Europe

Deadline for Application:  1 April 2019

Eligibility criteria and applications details can be found in: http://iclas.org/sponsorship-for-education-and-training-programs-courses-in-europe

The scheme will fund quality proposals of up to 2000 Euros for helping those who aim to be instrumental in the establishment of courses for any of the EU functions according to the Directive 2010/63/EU (or equivalent requirements in countries out of the European Union).

This sponsorship will cover:

  • Attendance (travel expenses or/and registration) of course organiser(s) to a FELASA accredited course in Europe with the aim of gaining direct insight of the structure and organization of such courses.
  • Travel expenses of a FELASA accredited course provider to the applicant country  to help  develop a training program suitable for FELASA accreditation.
  • Travel expenses of experienced teachers  to cover the gaps of an already existing course in order to cover the full requirements of a FELASA accredited course
  • The joint venture between an accredited course and a course organizer from an eligible country to establish a new course.

ICLAS and FELASA would also like to thank the FELASA accredited course providers who have kindly waived or proposed reduced registration fees to their courses in relation to this scheme (see detail in link) and, if other course providers are interested in being added to that list, please contact the FELASA secretariat at felasa@hushmail.com to register your interest.

Many thanks to Manuel Berdoy for organising this sponsorship