FELASA Statement on Animal Transportation

Posted on: 07-07-2015

The Federation of European Laboratory Animal Sciences Associations (FELASA) recognises the role played by the use of live animals in fundamental biological research and in the development of new medicines, vaccines and surgical procedures. Such use makes a major contribution to the wellbeing of both people and animals, and to   the environment. To this end, FELASA recognises that the carefully regulated use of live animals in research and education is a necessary activity, in the absence of  validated alternatives. Animals intended for scientific use are mostly purpose bred, either by those using them in their own research or by  licensed breeders and transported by the breeder or a licensed supplier to the user institution. Animals and animal models are thus shared between institutions. Importantly, this avoids unnecessary breeding of animals and promotes the 3Rs of Replacement, Reduction and Refinement.

Domestic and  international transport of animals is therefore essential to enable the production and sharing of animals in a responsible way for maintaining progress in advancing human and animal health, and protection of the environment. It is essential that any transport is conducted according to law, best practice and applying  humane principles, thus assuring the safety and welfare of the animals. 

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