Pain management in mice


The mouse is the most common animal species used for experimentation, and many of these animals undergo procedures that inflict pain. The recognition and assessment, and the proper alleviation of pain in mice is challenging, since mice are prey animals reluctant to display obvious signs of pain and stress. The great variety of mouse strains makes it even more difficult to recognize pain conditions, as pain related behaviour and clinical signs may vary with strain, experimental model, as well as with genetic modification. 

There is thus a need for defined guidelines on how to manage pain in mice undergoing potentially painful procedures. The aim of this working group is to author a review article with guidance and recommendations for the proper recognition, assessment and alleviation of pain in experimental mice. 



  • Paul Flecknell (LASA)


  • Ignacio Alvarez Gomez de Segura (SECAL)
  • Alessandra Bergadano (GV-SOLAS)
  • Paulin Jirkof (SGV)
  • Anastasia Tsingotjidou (HSBLAS)
  • Saskia Seeldrayers (NVP)
  • Josipa Vlainić (CroLASA)
  • Delphine Bouard (AFSTAL)

Terms of Reference